After years of discussion and collaboration with our customers, it was discovered that training was critical to the safe and successful implementation of the products we supply. has been created to allow our customers access to their own personalised training portals. These portals can house customised modules in a variety of formats including essential policy, procedures, educational requirements, video, quizzes, and case studies.

Monitor your employee’s progression, pass rate, completion and issue certificates for your records. Make the onboarding of new staff compliant, professional, seamless and rest easy knowing they are using all products safely, effectively, and efficiently.

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Our personalised training programs are designed around a framework that will assist in providing a safe, risk-free workplace and a more efficient and effective operating team.

  • Training Needs
    We will conduct a training needs analysis that will identify the scope
    i.e. who requires training, required topics, methods of delivery.
  • Define Competencies
    Design a customised range of competencies that meet the teams and business training requirements.
  • Design Content
    Our team of experts will create modularised/ vignette style content based on competency framework defined.
  • Deliver Training
    Training modules to be delivered through a variety of mediums such as on line, F2F, video, zoom, hand-outs through a private & personalised Learning Management System.
  • Continuous improvement
    Review and amend training modules based on industry/ product changes and team feedback.
Croft Training

Croft Training easy to use training systems and platforms are designed to work and make your business safer, smarter and more efficient.


Custom Portal

Your own customised training portal for compliance, onboarding, and continuous improvement of policy, operational practices and procedures.

Team Onboarding

Make team onboarding a breeze with with custom training modules, completion certificates and outcome reports to ensure all staff are compliant.

Reduce Risk

Reduce Risk for your business by making sure all staff are correctly educated in using products and machinery safely, effectively, and efficiently.

Ensure Completion

Our custom training portals allows your to monitor and manage education and onboarding completion and progression.

Reduce Costs

By educating your team in the correct use of products and equipment you will reduce asset degradation through the proper use and reduced wastage.

Identify Issues

Easy to identify competency issues within your teams by enigmatic able to monitor staff progression, test results and course completion

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