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Croft Customer Care Playbook

The following course 'Croft Sales Playbook' has been created to help you develop your sales technique through good mental preparation, understanding of communication and systems you can use that will improve your sales practices.

Work through the following 3 Units using you Croft Sales Playbook Worksheet as a reference guide and to complete tasks.

Print a copy of the Croft Sales Playbook worksheet to use as you work through the course - DOWNLOAD HERE

You have to be Disciplined, Consistent and Structured - Don’t Stop Thinking Big!


Module 1Croft Customer Care Playbook
Lesson 0Croft Sales Playbook - Overview 
Lesson 0Croft Sales Playbook - Plan 
Lesson 0Croft Sales Playbook - Execute 
Lesson 0Croft Sales Playbook - Options 
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