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The following products have been included into the QLD Education electrical and battery operated cleaning equipment lists.


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V-CAN-12 Electric Vacuum Cleaner

Croft Order Code – TEVCAN12

The dry canister vacuum range is designed for cleaning specialists, such as contract cleaners and cleaning companies.​​ The V-CAN-12 and V-CAN-16 feature standard HEPA bags.

  • Standard 3-stage filtration (V-CAN-12 and V-CAN-16) provided to clean floors while maintaining good air quality.
  • Efficient and ergonomic design, tailored to help users work without extra strain.
  • Quiet performance, engineered so that floors can be cleaned without disrupting work nearby.
  • Construction with up to 55% (V-CAN-12 AND V-CAN-16) recycled plastic, designed to promote sustainable cleaning programs.
  • 12 L Tank Capacity


Electric Vacuum Cleaner

Croft Order Code – NAVP300

The VP300 HEPA offers a strong filtration solution for dust sensitive areas. The HEPA filter ensures a higher quality of air with exceptional and efficient cleaning performance.

With a very low level of noise, it is ideal for daytime cleaning in offices, reception areas, hotel rooms and other noise sensitive areas. The VP300 HEPA causes minimum disturbance within the cleaning vicinity.

Technical specifications for VP300 HEPA
  • Model No107402785
  • Rated power (W)1200
  • Airflow (L/sec)32
  • Voltage (V)220-240
  • Cable length (m)10
  • Weight (kg)5.3
  • Vacuum at nozzle (kPa)23
  • Dust bag capacity (L)10
  • Main filter area (cm²)2600
  • Suction power end of tube (W)200
  • Length x width x height (mm)395x340x390
  • Frequency (Hz)50-60
  • Sound pressure level (dB(A) BS 5415)50
  • Sound power level (dB(A) IEC 704)69
  • IP protection classIP20
  • Number of filters4
  • Sound pressure level dB(A) IEC/EN 60335-2-69
  • Hepa filtrationIncluded
  • Detachable cordIncluded
  • Dust bag 1 pcs
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Electric Vacuum Cleaner

Croft Order Code – TEVCAN16

The dry canister vacuum range is designed for cleaning specialists, such as contract cleaners and cleaning companies.​​ The V-CAN-12 and V-CAN-16 feature standard HEPA bags.

  • Standard 3-stage filtration (V-CAN-12 and V-CAN-16) provided to clean floors while maintaining good air quality.
  • Efficient and ergonomic design, tailored to help users work without extra strain.
  • Quiet performance, engineered so that floors can be cleaned without disrupting work nearby.
  • Construction with up to 55% (V-CAN-12 AND V-CAN-16) recycled plastic, designed to promote sustainable cleaning programs.
  • 16 L Tank Capacity


Wet & Dry Vacuum Cleaner

Croft Order Code – NIL 107406660

The Nilfisk VL200 is a compact and easy-to-use wet and dry vacuum cleaner with Push & Clean filter cleaning system and convenient accessory storage. A mobile machine available also with a stainless steel container for the extra tough environments.

For small wet and dry cleaning applications the VL200 wet & dry vacuum cleaner is the perfect choice. You can choose between a 20 or 30 liter machine with nice and handy features. Both variants have the built in semi-automatic filter cleaning system Push & Clean for quick and easy cleaning of the filter, helping you maintaining the high suction power on the machine. VL200 is ideally for smaller cleaning jobs in hotels, contract cleaners and education as well as public buildings, manufacturing and industrial applications.

  • Push & Clean filter cleaning technology
  • Washable PET fleece filter
  • Certified HEPA filter available as an accessory
  • MultiFit accessory system with telescopic tube
  • Convenient accessory and cable storage
  • Exhaust air blow function
  • Stainless steel container option
  • One  year commercial warranty
Technical specifications for VL200
  • Model No107406660
  • Rated power (W)1200
  • Airflow (L/sec)48
  • Weight (kg)7.5
  • Vacuum at nozzle (kPa)23
  • Tank capacity (L)20
  • Dust bag capacity (L)14
  • Main filter area (cm²)3000
  • Suction power end of tube (W)250
  • Length x width x height (mm)380x390x510
  • Voltage/frequency (V/Hz)220-240/50-60
  • Cable length (m)/ plug type10/EU
  • Sound pressure level (dB(A) BS 5415)64
  • Sound power level (dB(A) IEC 704)72
  • Hose length (m)1.9
  • IP protection classIP24
  • Storage of accessoriesIncluded
  • Cable storageIncluded
  • Hose holderIncluded
  • Fleece filter bag 1 pcs.Included
  • Push&Clean filter cleaningIncluded
  • Washable PET fleece filterIncluded
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Wet & Dry Vacuum Cleaner

Croft Order Code – NC107405179

The Nilfisk VL500 series of wet and dry vacuum cleaners offers performance and reliability that ensures a low total cost of ownership and makes daily cleaning tasks easier, faster and safer.

The Nilfisk VL500 is ideally suited for hotels, contract cleaners, education, exhibition and conference centres as well as public buildings, manufacturing and industrial applications.

A failsafe filter design makes operation easy due to the ability to have individual wet and dry filters working simultaneously. Each filter is specific for either a wet or dry application ensuring maximum performance. With the special dual filtration system, The Nilfisk VL500 can be used in wet or dry environments without the need to change filters.

The unique tipping design of  the VL500 means that containers can be emptied quickly and safely. The VL500 is available in  35 or  75 litre container sizes.

  • The dual filtration system allows the machine to clean both wet and dry applications without the need to change filter
  • Multi fit hose connector, stainless steel tube, accessory storage and nozzle parking
  • Easy changing of filters with a hinged motor head to protect the machine and speed up the process
  • One year commercial warranty
Technical specifications for VL500 35
  • Model No107405179
  • Rated power (W)1350
  • Airflow (L/sec)48
  • Weight (kg)11.5
  • Vacuum at nozzle (kPa)20
  • Tank capacity (L)35
  • Dust bag capacity (L)18
  • Suction power end of tube (W)250
  • Length x width x height (mm)460x420x730
  • Voltage/frequency (V/Hz)220-240/50
  • Cable length (m)/ plug type10/AUS
  • Sound pressure level (dB(A) BS 5415)62
  • Sound power level (dB(A) IEC 704)81
  • Inlet (mm)32
  • Hose length (m)1.9
  • IP protection classIP24
  • Power Piec (W)1250
  • Sack filter area (cm²)1051
  • Wet filter area (cm²)
  • Cartridge filter area (cm²)
  • Tube holderIncluded
  • Storage of accessories Included
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Battery Vacuum Cleaner

Croft Order Code – NA41600820

The Nilfisk VP600 Battery vacuum cleaner is a flexible dual-speed machine boosting your productivity – thanks to its cordless mobility and runtime of up to 60 minutes. With a charge time of only 40 minutes the machine offers you non-stop cleaning performance by switching between two 36V Lithium batteries.

When you are facing heavy duty tasks and need extra power – just activate the boost function, and the VP600 Battery will match the best mains powered vacuum cleaners.Being easy to move with no need for power outlets – and offering the lowest sound level in its class – you will find the Nilfisk VP600 Battery an attractive choice for trouble free and safe cleaning of busy facilities with many guests and visitors. This makes the machine ideal for applications such as; inside trains, busses, aircraft, shops, fast food restaurants, cinemas, and similar places with seats, tables, and other furniture.

  • High productivity with up to 60 minutes runtime on a fully charged battery
  • Fast battery charging in just 40 minutes offers continous cleaning with the use of two batteries
  • Excellent cleaning performance with power boost function for heavy duty cleaning
  • Battery driven cleaning offers greater freedom and mobility to clean just about anywhere with no need for electricity and trailing or rewind of cables
  • Safe cleaning environment with no risk of guest or operator tripping over a cord
  • Optimised battery capacity: Intelligent Nilfisk technology monitors the 36V Lithium batteries during both operation and charging
  • Best in class sound pressure level from just 56 db(A) enabling cost-effective daytime cleaning


Technical specifications for VP600 Battery
  • Model No41600820
  • IP protection classIP20
  • Rated power (W)650
  • Power consumption (W)190/465
  • Voltage (V)36
  • Battery capacity (Ah/5)7.8
  • Battery typeLithium Ion
  • Battery run time (min.)60/30
  • Suction power end of tube (W)45/116
  • Airflow (L/sec)21.7/26.7
  • Sound pressure level at 1.5 m with nozzle (dB(A) ISO 11203)56/61
  • Dust bag capacity (L)10
  • Number of filters2
  • Filter typeH13
  • Main filter area (cm²)2400
  • Length x width x height (mm)480x300x270
  • Weight (kg)7.2
  • Weight with batteries (kg)10
  • Plug typeAUS/NZ
  • GroundedClass II
  • Battery charge time (min.)≤ 40
  • Battery versionIncluded
  • HEPA H13 main filterIncluded
  • Dust bag 1 pcs.Included
  • Ergonomic handle Included
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Vacuum Polisher

Croft Order Code – NADR1500H

The VIPER DR1500H is a Ultra High Speed (UHS) burnisher designed to cover large areas with less maintenance costs. It is used for longlasting shine to hard floors. Simple and easy to use controls.


The VIPER DR1500H is robust, reliable and service friendly. With this ergonomic design you can easily spray clean hard floors. Ideal for building a long-lasting shine to hard floors, this electric cord burnisher is also the right choice for high productivity in polishing and maintenance of floors in medium duty applications.

    • Easy to use: Ergonomic adjustable handle and adjustable handle for easy storage
    • Safe and user-friendly: High manoeuvrability with large wheels and safety lock-out switch for your safety
    • Great value for money: High quality product at a value-for-money price point


Floor Scrubber

Croft Order Code – NI50000322PA

The AS380/15 is a compact and user-friendly micro scrubber/dryer perfect for cleaning in narrow areas.

Perfect for daily indoor scrubbing and drying in light to medium duty areas such as offices, hotels, hospitals, schools, smaller supermarkets and other retail outlets.


With this compact micro scrubber/dryer you can easily clean the floors in narrow areas.

The AS380/15 is easy to use and with handles on the side of the water tank makes it highly user-friendly. The foldable handles makes it easy to transport and storage the machine.

Extremely compact machine that makes it easy to manoeuvre and transport.

    • Ergonomic, adjustable and foldable handle
    • Extremely compact
    • Easy to manoeuvre, transport and storage
    • Easy to use and service
    • Easy to clean, refill and empty
    • Suitable for application in narrow area
    • Rotationally moulded tank
    • Robust handle lock
    • Two tanks system
    • Battery and Cable versions EU and UK versions.


Floor Scrubber Self Propelled

Croft Order Code – SCRU5045

The Viper AS5160 is a highly productive walk-behind scrubber dryer with high battery endurance and tank capacity to clean for hours. Being easy and comfortable to use with their ergonomic design, these robust machines are ready for an in-depth performance on indoor surfaces.

Ideal for cleaning in hotels and restaurants, bus and train stations, factories, supermarkets, shopping malls, hospitals, schools, and other institutions.


With a working width of 51 cm and a powerful 450 W brush motor, these machines will get the job done with both speed and ease. Especially if you go for the model AS5160 T – for Traction – equipped with a 150 W drive motor bringing the scrubber dryer forward.

The machines are well-balanced and easy to maneuver thanks to their big wheels and strong casters. Hour meter and water level indicator will keep you updated, and the speed reducing gear drive system of the Traction version ensure smooth operation with a minimum of effort.

For intensive cleaning or maintaining large coated floor areas the AS5160TO with orbital scrub deck ensures multidirectional cleaning performance with low solution and detergent consumption and the square deck gives easy to access corners.

    • Orbital version saving water and detergent equipped
      with traction motor and automatic raise and lowering of the scrub deck
    • AS5160T – Traction-model: 150W drive motor
    • Easy to maneuver and transport: Big wheels and strong caters, making the machine well-balanced
    • Easy and convenient operation: 2 pcs safety switches
    • Control panel with intuitive display and buttons
    • Productive: Working width 51 cm
    • Brush and pad driver can be installed/un-installed automatically
    • Hour meter: Check how many hours the machine has been running
    • Water level indicator with volume visible on the tank
    • High capacity for increased productivity: 61-liter water tank/ 61-liter recovery tank
    • Robust and solid: Steady chassis system and rotationally molded tanks
    • Reliable: Heavy duty 79 cm aluminum squeegee
    • Accessories: Brush, pad holder, batteries 12V x2 and onboard charger
    • Optional brush skirt kit prevents the machine from splashing water splashing water


Floor Scrubber Ride-on

Croft Order Code – VF50000534PA

The AS530R is the first mini ride-on scrubber dryer in the user-friendly Viper series, known for providing high cleaning efficiency at attractive prices. With battery and tank capacity to clean for hours, this machine is ready to take on areas of more than 5.000 m2.

An ideal choice for cleaning in hotels, bus and train stations, supermarkets, exhibition centers, shopping malls, schools and other institutions.


Using the machine provides the same level of comfort as the larger ride-on scrubber dryer: The intuitive display with all major functions and the battery status makes it easy to control, together with the large buttons, and the clear view of the water/detergent level indicator. Also adding to the user comfort is the USB-port for fast charging of cell phones and tablets.

The big steering wheel ensures that the AS530R is easy to maneuver with a minimum of training, and when driving, comfort is added by the automatic braking system engaged when the pedal is released. Another benefit is that the squeegee can be placed on the hanger behind the main body when the machine is driving through narrow passages.

All handling can easily be carried out when it is time to empty, refill or clean the tanks of the scrubber dryer. Service and maintenance are also convenient, i.e. with direct access to dismounting or mounting of the driving motor if needed. All in all, the AS530R is easy to use and offers fast, effective cleaning at a very competitive price.

    • An integrated on-board charger enables easy plug-in and battery charge at any outlet
    • Water solution level indicator with volume visible on the tank
    • Large opening to the 73 liter recovery tank allows easy cleaning
    • Built-in squeegee hanging system on recovery tank for easy machine transfer in narrow areas
    • Productivity: Working width 53 cm, Squeegee width 73 cm
    • Versatility: Cleans tiled floors, vinyl, sealed wood, marble, concrete and other surfaces
    • Efficiency: Speed 5.5 km/h, Climb rate 10%
    • High performance: Brush pressure 23 kg, Brush speed 160 rpm
    • Low sound level: 69 dB(A) enabling daytime cleaning
    • Robust design: Front bumper, strong main frame and heavy-duty aluminum squeegee
    • User-friendly dashboard: Intuitive display and buttons

Motor Scrubber M3

Croft Order Code – MSMS4003M

The M3 makes light work of deep cleaning confined and hard to reach places. Achieving outstanding cleaning results on any surface.

Key Benefits:

  • 3x faster scrubbing than manual methods
  • 360rpm drastically cuts exhaustive manual labour
  • Plug and go!
  • Powerful high torque M10 motor delivers 10,000rpm, geared to 360rpm
  • 4 hour runtime gives the freedom to clean anywhere. Fully adjustable, lightweight, padded backpack fits any user.

Pressure Washer Electric

MC 2C-120/520 XT AU

Croft Order Code – NA128471022

Like all Nilfisk high-pressure washers, the MC 2C platform was engineered to provide exemplary pressure-washing results – but there’s always room for improvement, so we’ve increased the machines’s cleaning effectiveness and efficiency through the primary point of contact: the pump.

The MC 2C line comprises models designed for routine semi-professional use mainly by tradesmen, on small construction sites, agriculture or small contract cleaners.

The compact cold water line that combines high performance level for increased cleaning efficiency, ergonomics and durability for superior everyday cleaning.

  • Powerful detergent application with universal foam sprayer – easy to use
  • 4-in-1 nozzle ensures easy change between nozzles – always the right nozzle for almost all cleaning tasks and applications
  • New hose-reel guide for an easy, one-handed rollup and protected hose storage
  • Easier water-flow regulation for a quick adjustment according to the cleaning tasks
  • Ergo 2000 spray gun and ergonomic accessory concept improve handling and reduce strain
  • Easy transport and storage (wheels, telescopic handle, lifting bar)
  • High-quality alloy pump head and automatic start/stop for a high wear resistance
Technical specifications for MC 2C-120/520 XT AU
  • Model No128471357
  • Pump Pressure (bar/MPa)120/12
  • Cleaning impact (kg/force)2.2
  • Water flow Qmax/Qiec (l/h)520/470
  • Max. inlet temperature (°C)60
  • Pump (RPM)2800
  • Dimensions, L x W x H (mm)394x391x955
  • Weight (kg)28.1
  • Power consumption (kW)2.3
  • Voltage/phase/frequency/current (V/~/Hz/A)230/1/50/10
  • El cable (m)5
  • Suction height dry (m)0.5
  • Nozzle size0340
  • Stainless steel pistons3
  • Recommended avg. hours of use per day1
  • Stainless steel pistonsIncluded
  • Hose reelIncluded
  • Automatic start/spotIncluded
  • Spray Gun HolderIncluded
  • Cable hook, turnableIncluded
  • Foam SpreyIncluded
  • Detergent Tank 2,5 LtIncluded
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Pressure Washer Petrol


Croft Order Code – NAHCP3012

Positioned as one of the most affordable industrial quality high pressure cleaners on the market, the Kerrick Dirt Laser Series are compact pressure cleaners built for heavy duty commercial applications.

The HCP3012 is an economical pressure cleaner that boasts an industrial GX Honda motor with a high quality genuine Cat Pump with ceramic pistons. The machine is mounted on a robust aluminium powder-coated frame, with two large wheels for easy manoeuvrability.

  • CAT pump with ceramic pistons
  • Robust aluminium powder-coated frame
  • Large wheels
  • Honda motor
  • Self priming so water can be drawn from almost any water source
  • Low oil shut off
  • Low pressure detergent system
  • Water flow adjustment
  • Thermal dump valve
  • One year commercial warranty

Technical specifications for HCP3012 Honda 3000psi / 12LPM

  • Model No00HCP3012
  • Vacuum motor powerW
  • Pump speed 3400 RPM
  • Engine type Petrol
  • Hose length 10 m
  • Water flow 12 l/min
  • Pump pressure 210 bar
  • Ceramic coated pistons 1
  • Pneumatic wheels Included
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Stainless Steel Rotary Cleaner

Croft Order Code – NAKSC20SSW

Versatile and easy to use surface cleaners that quickly cut through dirt, mould and grime. Ideal for cleaning paving, tiles, warehouse floors, carparks and other areas.

  • Enables fast and even coverage of large areas with no striping
  • Easy to use
  • Lightweight ABS or stainless steel covers
  • 20” models with 2 rotor arms  to deliver precision cleaning
  • 4 solid castor wheels for excellent mobility to reduce operator fatigue
  • Splash protection prevents dirty water and loose debris from flicking up
  • Can be used with any cold or hot water commercial high pressure washer
  • Delivers pressure up to to 4000psi
  • One year commercial warranty

Push Sweeper


Croft Order Code – NASW250

Keeping your premises in good and inviting condition for customers and employees has never been easier. The Nilfisk walk-behind sweeper, available in model SW200 and SW250, offers an impressive performance in outdoor spaces as well as indoor floors. Compared to a manual broom, it will pick up and remove dust, dirt, sand, nails, bolts, cigarettes, etc. up to 6 times faster.

Being compact and light, you can also use the sweeper when space is limited or in congested areas. The broom are rotated by the gear system as the machine is pushed forward by the user, making the sound level low. There is no motor, so daytime cleaning is an attractive, cost-saving option.

The user will enjoy several benefits such as the soft grip handle which is adjustable to always ensure a comfortable working position. Dust being limited by the built-in filter and the easy handling of the large hopper when it needs to be emptied.

All-in-all this fast and productive Nilfisk sweeper is an ideal choice for applications such as cleaning in small factories, car parks, malls, schools, workshops, bus/railway stations as well as outside office buildings.

  • Direct-throw system to ensure excellent sweeping performance
  • Capacity for long time cleaning: 38-litre hopper, which can be kept open for disposal of big items, emptying of garbage bins, etc.
  • Easy to maneuver: Large non-marking wheels make pushing and steering simple for the user
  • Handles dust well: Built-in filter for improved dust control and user comfort
  • Solid and suited for outdoor use: Rugged corrosion proof frame
  • Virtually service free: Simple mechanical construction with gear and belt drive. No motor or battery
  • The handle can be adjusted to fit the operator height (3 positions)
  • The hopper remains in place even when the sweeper is stored in an upright position or hung on the wall
Technical specifications for SW250
  • Model No50000494
  • Power sourceManual
  • Productivity main broom theoretical/actual (m²/h)1920/960
  • Productivity 1 side broom theoretical/actual (m²/h)2800/1400
  • Productivity 2 side brooms theoretical/actual (m²/h)3680/1840
  • Working width with right side broom (mm)700
  • Working width with 2 side brooms (mm)920
  • Main broom (mm)480
  • Hopper volume (l)38
  • Weight (kg)20
  • Dimensions, L x W x H (mm)1470x920x1120
  • Two side brooms Included
  • Adjustable handle Included
  • Soft handle Included
  • Ergonomic handle Included
  • Folding handle Included
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Janitor Cart

Croft Order Code – EDJC175BL

  • Lightweight and sturdy design with provision for many accessories to be hung
  • Compact size for easy manoeuvrability into elevators and tight passageways
  • Size 107 x 51 x 90